So that one may walk in peace.

Imi Lichtenfeld

A strong man has many friends.

Imi Lichtenfeld

People respect power, and it comes in many forms, Krav Maga is power, and people will respect you for knowing it.

Imi Lichtenfeld

Never push a loyal person to the point where he no longer give a fuck.

Amnon Darsa

Before courting a woman you would better know who her father is, who her brothers are, and sometimes even who her boyfriend is.

Imi Lichtenfeld

Self defense is recovery from stupidity or bad luck.

SGT Miller

After initial contact all plans go to hell.


Everybody’s got a plan until they get smacked in the face.

M. Tyson

If I learn 1,001 techniques with my luck I’ll go out on the street and be attacked by number 1,001.

J. Whitman

The leg of a baby is stronger than the balls of Muhamed Ali.

Imi Lichtenfeld

You must be so good... that you don't need to kill.

Imi Lichtenfeld

Every asshole has an asshole buddy nearby.

M. Slane

I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.


Do not get caught!


Don’t expect your enemies to ever love you, or even like you, only respect you.

Imi Lichtenfeld

One not need make peace with friends, only with enemies.

Imi Lichtenfeld

No groin - no krav maga!


Go home safe.


Do not get hurt.


Let him who desires peace prepare for war.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, De Re Militari, Book III

Peace through strength, or failing that peace through threat.


If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions.

Carlson Gracie

The training does not stop, when you leave the gym.

Eyal Yanilov

And when they seek to oppress you and when they try to destroy you, rise and rise again and again until the lamb have become lions.

Maitreya The Friend of All Souls

The pupil going to be a master is not a cup to filll water with, but the torch ready to ignite it on.


I have a high art: I hurt with cruelty those who wound me.


The big rules of knife fighting are:

  • (a) do not try it at home, and
  • (b) the whole point is never, ever use the blade.
It is there to distract your opponent. While he stares at the gleaming steel, you kick his balls to kingdom come -- he's all yours. Just a tip!

Keith Richards